Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Today's love

So today I'm loving,

The show that just came to an end on Fox8 (Foxtel) know as SLiDE. SLiDE is based in Australia (woo Australia!) it follow's the lives of 5 teenager's in there finale year of school in Brisbane.

The basic plot line of SLiDE is when Scarlett moves from Melbourne to sunny Brisbane, forming a very odd friendship between herself and the other 4 main characters. Ed the nerd/geek you have to love and Tammy the smart one, and always has a plan for everything childhood friends, and neighbors, Luke the one that is always pulling the ladies, knows of Ed but is in a different crowd, and Eva the bad girl of the school who kept to herself.

They slowly grow with their friendship's, have their up's and down's, and every episode at least one character experiences a 'first' (e.g. first time, first drug use etc). With their friendship each character begins to come out of their shells, and slowly learns each other secrets.

The show encourages fans to go online and view extra content, games, comics and webisodes.

So for the show SLiDE I give it a 4 out 5 rating. I love the show, and I do believe yous will too.